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Trust in ProScan Media Products to produce superior quality thermal transfer labels your organization needs. Using the most advanced printing technology, we deliver sharp, vivid materials at the most comprehensive rates and a quick turnaround.

We use a high-quality thermal printer and a heat-sensitive ribbon to transfer the ink onto paper to create an image for the thermal transfer label. Since the ribbons come in a variety of colours, thermal transfer labels can be produced in different colours, including black and white.

Heating the thermal ribbon enables the application and transfer of the colour to the label. This allows thermal printers to produce images that are dynamic and long-lasting, which is best for printing smear-proof and fade-proof labels, such as bar codes and graphic images and text.

Whether you are in need of blank or colour thermal transfer labels, we will provide you with a solution that conforms to your requirements and budget.

Providing the Best Solutions for Thermal Transfer Printing in Your Area

ProScan Media Products caters to companies that are in need of durable and long-lasting thermal transfer labels in large volumes. To meet their needs, we offer premium quality thermal transfer labels on rolls, which are ideal for shipping labels, identification labels, bar codes, inventory labels, address labels, price labels, and more. Although we manufacture in different sizes, we can also customize sizes depending on your needs.

All custom thermal transfer labels are created according to your unique specification using superior substrates.

Benefits of Thermal Transfer Labels

Unlike direct transfer labels, thermal transfer labels can be printed in colours, allowing you more range and customization for your printing needs. In addition, the printing process is highly efficient. The ink used for printing is designed to dry much faster than a regular inkjet printer. With a printing capacity of more than 250mm per second, thermal printers are far better and faster than inkjet printer, which has a printing speed of approximately 90mm per second. In addition to speed and capacity, thermal transfer labels are known for their superior quality and durability, withstanding different environments.

We understand that finding the ideal thermal transfer label can take a little help. The ProScan Media Products team is here to offer exceptional customer support if you are in need of assistance. Give us a call today at (289) 372-3043, or fill out our contact form to leave us your message or questions. Let our customer sales representatives know how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sticker Printing

Unlike thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels are light and heat sensitive. Also, printing thermal transfer labels require a ribbon while direct thermal printing does not.
Thermal transfer labels last longer and are usable in an environment with high UV levels and heat. While direct thermal labels are affordable and easy to use, they are fit for short to medium lifespan use.
When it comes to bar code printing, thermal label printers are the ideal option since they are designed to produce accurate, superior-quality images with exceptional edge definition. Additionally, they are designed to print labels within tight tolerances and generate accurate bar widths required for bar code printing and scanning. Both direct thermal and thermal transfer technologies are engineered to produce 1-and-2-dimensional bar code symbology, graphics, and text with similar image resolution and speed.